Über Built is a small, locally owned construction firm specializing in custom designed creations. Explore our portfolio and you’ll see how Über Built is Beyond Well-Built.


We are intentionally small in size so that we can give our clients the individual attention they deserve and that their project demands. We carefully select only those projects that we can complete to our highest standards. This means, we only work on a handful of projects each year.


Our firm’s specialty is architecturally designed projects—both new construction and large residential remodels. In other words, we don’t build boring boxes and we don’t re-grout your shower. 

Experience has proven that the best projects begin with a good design. We understand the importance of an Architect's vision and we work relentlessly to ensure that their (and our client’s) vision is achieved. Typically, we join the team once the design is completed and follow the project through until the client is not just satisfied, but delighted with the results.

We communicate often with both the Architect and the client throughout the project to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Take a look at our portfolio to see how we’ve helped our clients bring their vision to life.